Translation tools

  1. Weblate crowdsourced translation tool
  2. LibreTranslate machine translation
    1. Direct API access

We believe that it is vital to provide translated software, especially for FOSS projects that should allow anyone to use and contribute to. To recieve contributions and make regular updates of translations we hope to provide easy to use tools.

Currently this part of is still under construction, but our plan can be found below.

Weblate crowdsourced translation tool

Weblate is an open-source webbased translation tool with great integration with Git-forges like the one found on This makes it easy to crowdsource translations and merge them into software projects. We will allow anyone to create a simple account on our Weblate instance, so they can start translating easily. Setting up translation projects and adding new languages will be limited to main account holders only though.

LibreTranslate machine translation

Weblate has the option to provide machine translated suggestions to human translators to speed up the translation process. While this usually depends on API services by some large cloud providers, there is also the option to use the fully FOSS and selfhostable LibreTranslate software. We therefore hope to provide out own (GPU accellerated) instance of it.

Direct API access

If you would like to access out LibreTranslate API directly for a FOSS software project (for example an auto-translation chat-bot or the translation feature in a Mastodon or Akkoma instance) please get in contact with us.