Dontate to support us

  1. How can I donate?
  2. Can you provide me with a legal donation certificate?
  3. What is the money used for?
    1. Donations so far

While our services are optimized to not incure high monthly costs, it is still necessary to pay for the hardware used and its eventual replacement. At some point it would be also nice if we could reimburse some of our core contributors for their time spend on the project.

How can I donate?

It is not yet possible to donate, but we are in the process of setting up a dedicated donation portal using the FOSSpay software. Ultimatly it will be possible to donate via Stripe and LiberaPay. In addition we might consider direct EU bank transfers and maybe a Patreon page if there is demand for that.

Please check back later :) is not an officially recognized non-profit (for now?) and thus cannot provide this. We can provide an regular official reciept from one of our core contributors on request though.

What is the money used for?

Primarily to recover the hardware expenses and monthly running costs (electicity and net connection). Should we recieve sufficient donations we might also cover some hourly rates of our freelance contributors (currently it is all done on a volunteer basis and unpaid). Should the need arrise, we could also procure additional hardware and upgrade our co-location situation.

Donations so far

We will transparently list all donations recieved and what expenses occured. But so far there have been no donations.