Modern IRC network
With gateways for XMPP and Matrix
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The community

This is the entry point to our IRCv3 multi-protocol chat network on (Port: 6697). Join with our modern IRC webclient or any IRC/XMPP/Matrix compatible app. It is highly integrated with our Git forge and we provide other developer services. Contact us for signing up.

Network features

Modern IRCv3

Using Ergo IRCd with history and multi-client bouncer.


Federated access from your existing XMPP or Matrix account.


Bridges to connect to existing communities.

DevOps bots

Integration with Git-forge and our highly customizable CI service.

Voice & video chat

Dedicated Jitsi Meet video chatroom for each channel.

Private XMPP chats

Encrypted group chats with our XMPP accounts and web-client.

Support Us!

This community is still a work in progress but it depends on everyone's contributions. To cover server and related costs donations will be possible in the near future.